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Navali Engineering

Concept design

We draw on our considerable experience to convert customers ideas and concepts into realistic design. The result is a comprehensive package of top-level drawings and technical specifications you can use to solicit bids from prospective shipyards. This package includes preliminary general arrangement, tank capacity, and construction plans and a technical specification.

Basic design

In the second phase we generate detailed versions of all the drawings created during concept design. We expertly balance our clients’ requirements with those of the classification society, to guarantee both regulatory approval and customer satisfaction. This package includes general arrangement, tank capacity, lines, and construction plans.

Detail design

During the final phase of ship design, we develop detailed drawings for every aspect of the ship to the level required to built it. Our attention to detail, perfectionism, and skill in turning abstract design into practical implementation serve our clients well here. This package includes finalized general arrangement, tank capacity, lines, construction plans and a finalized technical specification.

Realistic artist impression

All our packages include detailed 2D and 3D construction drawings. We can also provide 3D models, photorealistic rendering, and animated presentations. We use Rhino to create our 3D models. This program proved assistance in modeling and analyzing concepts at an early stage, giving the designer, draftsman, engineer, and customer the opportunity to thoroughly understand and evaluate the design.

Naval Architecture

Navali supports structural, marine and transport engineering companies in drafting for offshore, transport, and installation projects. We answer all our customers’ questions- even the ones they don’ t know to ask- and assist them in translating their plans and ideas into safe, successful, and practical solutions. We also help companies develop and improve their drafting procedures.

In need of capacity off-site during your ship design or engineering process?

You can reach us at or use our contactform on our contact page. You can also reach us by phone on 

010 – 766 60 00 to discuss your specific wishes.

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