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Senior integration Engineer HVAC-R Systems


The role

The Senior integration Engineer HVAC-R Systems works on a broad variety of tasks in the field of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC-R) systems on board of complex vessels. You can be involved from the first proposal- till final delivery and you work, during the execution of the project, in a team of several engineers of different disciplines in order to deliver the required engineering output and you implement technical and practical knowledge into the design.

You also contribute to the engineering process by developing the required deliverables, such as preliminary calculations, schematic drawings, specification documents, reviewed supplier’s documentation, functional descriptions, and test/validation plans.

Key accountabilities

  • Performs basic design calculations and sets up the first HVAC single diagram required for determining the HVAC-R philosophy for complex high end projects.

  • Writing of technical specifications for suppliers and sub-contractors based upon customer and design requirements.

  • Performs technical evaluations of quotations from sub-contractors in close cooperation with the purchasing department.

  • Compliancy check on all applicable requirements imposed by customer and statutory bodies.

  • Engaging in technical discussions to achieve comparable levels of compliancy for competing suppliers of the same product/system; (providing a good starting point for the commercial negotiation).

  • Is dedicated point of contact for the selected subcontractors and manages the aspects like: scope of work, delivery demarcation, progress reporting and quality of deliveries during the engineering phase.

  • Responsible for integration of delivered components/systems into ship design in close cooperation with internal departments, sub-contractor, statutory bodies and owner.

  • Review of supplier engineering information/documentation; (i.e. mechanical drawings, schematics, calculations, electrical diagrams, etc.).

  • Providing input and updates for the engineering database; (i.e. purchase orders, parts, meta-data, documentation).

  • Performs required technical calculations as basis of the design or to validate the sub-contractors design.

  • Composes technical/functional specification documents (i.e. SDS).

  • Supervises all contractual obligations of the sub-contractor(s) and keeps track of deviations to the contract.

  • Supervises the outsourcing of the HVAC detailed engineering work (3D environment) and verifies the output.

  • Verifies technical performance of products and systems; (i.e. inspection of equipment at supplier premises, FAT’s).

  • Offers technical support for commissioning and testing activities.

  • Ensures good working relationship with technical representatives of suppliers and subcontractors.

  • Participates in design checks, reviews and risk analysis in order to guarantee the required quality.

  • Contributes to the further development of standards and processes within the engineering department.

  • Trains and coaches Integration Engineers HVAC-R.


Skills & experience

Professional education on Bachelor or Master level preferable in the field of HVAC engineering or mechanical engineering with proven work skills based upon experience.

  • A minimum of five years’ experience and a vast knowledge of HVAC-R systems on board high-end vessels.

  • Experienced in electrical and automation matters for HVAC-R equipment.

  • Quality, planning and budget awareness.

  • Able to work with and manage multiple third-party vendors and subcontractors.

  • Experience with statutory bodies.

  • Proficiency in Dutch & English language written as well as verbal.

  • Willingness to travel and work abroad.


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